Spring Greetings from the Alford Land Trust

At the end of last year we were excited to report that the Alford Land Trust had closed on the purchase of Elizabeth’s Woods on North Egremont Road.

Since that time we have been working on plans to make it a user-friendly park for all of us. We have received several queries about our progress.

First of all, THANK YOU to all who helped us raise the funds to buy this property. With the help of Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Department we raised the full purchase price!

Plans are completed for constructing a parking area by the green gate off North Egremont Road. We hope to have construction completed in the next few weeks. With this we will also build a small kiosk showing a trail map and other information. In the meantime, feel free to park along the edge of North Egremont Road.

As any of you who have visited the Woods know, there is quite a maze of wood roads. These were constructed in the early 1900s by Elizabeth Riggs’ grandmother as pony cart roads. They were so well-built they continue today as wonderful walking trails. One of our priorities this summer is to map and paint blaze some walking loop routes. We are not there yet, but at trail intersections I have installed some arrow “P” signs that point the way back to the entrance by the green gate. You are most welcome to explore. As a note of caution, the trails on the far side of the swamp are not well maintained at the present and it is very easy to get turned around in that area.

One of the most asked questions is about hunting. As Mass. Fish and Wildlife contributed half the funds for purchase, they require that the land be open to hunting, governed by the state laws. This should not be a big concern with the exception of shotgun deer season two weeks in the fall at which time I would suggest walking elsewhere. Dates will be posted on the kiosk.

The Alford Land Trust Board welcomes your questions and comments. Our email: alford@alfordlandtrust.org.

Happy Walking,

Henry Flint