Summer Letter

Photo of field with dandelions with mountain in background

Lately, I hear over and over, “How fortunate we are to be in Alford during the pandemic.” So many people have found hours of calm walking or bicycling on our roads, hiking our woodland trails, and watching the seasons unfold at their homes in Alford.

Through conservation projects and partnerships the Alford Land Trust strives to ensure that the town and land we love today will be here for our children and grandchildren.  It is no accident that more than a quarter of our town is protected as agricultural or conservation land.  This year more than ever we are all benefiting from our conserved open spaces.

In the past year, along with Berkshire Natural Resources Council (BNRC), we have purchased 242 acres on the south end of Tom Ball Mountain.  We hope to have a trail network open there in 2021.  We have also joined with BNRC to create a northern trailhead for their Alford Springs Reserve at Scribner Brook on West Road.  The parking lot and connector trail are complete; look for new signage soon.

While members have “socially distanced” at their homes in Alford, several have reached out to the Alford Land Trust to explore ways to conserve their land.  This is an exciting time for land conservation in Alford.

As the Alford Land Trust enters its 19th year, I am grateful for your loyal support.  Thank you for taking a moment to renew your membership

Henry Flint
President, Alford Land Trust

Photo courtesy of David Meisels