Adolescent Alford

Despite the fact that my family has had our house in Alford since I was two, we have never stayed in it for long periods of time. Jokingly, we would say that if the zombie apocalypse came, Alford would be our safe haven. Somewhat ironically, it now is.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a high school senior at an all-girls school in Boston. My family fell in love with the Berkshires after staying there with friends and then bought a place soon after. I’ve grown up enjoying berry picking in the summer and skiing in the winter with the city as my home base throughout.

Now, Alford is my home base. And while I’m immensely grateful for having lots of space and high-speed Internet to get my work done as well as being away from COVID, these past few months have been a little bit of a rollercoaster.

Like everyone, I’ve had to adapt. Part of adapting for me is finding things to do—walking is one of them. I walk on East and West Road regularly, and this Wednesday, my family and I hiked the new Alford Springs trail. The view from the summit (attached) was beautiful!

Learning how to drive has also occupied some of my time. Although the driving out here is usually easy, I’ve quickly learned the importance of sticking to the speed limit, as just a few days ago, a bear popped out of the woods and dashed across the road. All was fine (myself, my parents, and the bear), but I was grateful that I had been driving safely.

More soon!

Abby Nickerson

Photo depicting trail at Alford Springs
Photo showing view from Alford Springs trail